Cashew-Khoya Barfi flavoured with citrus zest


Cashewnuts (Kaju) are one of the most versatile nuts that can be used  in cooking. The rich flavourful kidney shaped nut is a favourite to make many Indian sweets and savoury dishes.  It can be a great substitute for dairy cream to make vegan desserts too.

The classic Kaju katli or Kaju barfi are loved by everyone. I am posting a recipe today here for my version of the Kaju Barfi. Continuing with the festive indulgence my version contains another rich and classic ingredient –Khoya/ Khoa/Khava. The flavourful cashewnuts paired with the rich Khoya and zested with some citrus peel make this palate pleasing indulgent sweet Cashew-Khoya Barfi.

The recipe is quite simple; what you need most here is some patience and lots of  Biceps strength to stir the mixture. I have used orange zest to flavour the barfi. But you can use anything like Lemon zest, Saffron strands, Cardamom , Rose powder for flavour. The Barfi in the picture  is garnished with Chirongi/ Charoli.But you can alternatively used Cranberries or Pistachios as well.

Here’s the recipe for the Cashew-Khoya Barfi flavoured with Orange zest:


500 gms Khoya (~ 2 cups)

1+3/4 cup Cashewnut powder (Powder cashewnuts in the grinder in short bursts to a fine powder)

2 cups sugar (or to your taste. 2 cups makes it very sweet so reduce if you want the barfi less sweet.)

3-4 tbsp Ghee

2 tsp lemon/ Orange zest/ candied citrus peel (or Saffron strands/ Cardmom/ Rose powder.)

Chriongi or Charoli (or Pistachios or Cranberries) to garnish


Grease a plate 10” round plate with ghee. Keep aside.

Heat a heavy bottom pan.

Mix the Khoya and sugar together till the sugar melts.

Mix in the ghee.

Add the cashewnut powder and mix well taking care that no lumps are formed.

Add the lemon/orange zest or whatever you are using to flavor the barfi ( warm the saffron strands if using and crush lightly)

Keep on stirring, scraping the sides and bottom till the mixture comes together as a single mass. (This takes almost 20-25 minutes. The colour of the mixture changes to a light brown.)

Take out the mixture into the greased plate and flatten till it is still hot using a rolling pin. Be careful not to burn your hand.

Garnish with nut/dry fruit of your choice.

Make deep indentations with a knife to cut into desired shape.

Cool completely.

The indentations will help you to cut the pieces easily.

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for upto a week (If you can stop people from eating it)

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