Gateway to Moksha Mangi Tungi On your way


Gateway to Moksha Mangi Tungi On your way back from Nashik
Situated at about 150 kms from Nashik city in Baglan Tehsil of Nashik District, twin peaks Mangi Tungi are 4343 and 4366 feet above sea level and are considered the Gateway to Enlightenment. Temples on the peaks can be reached by climbing 4500 steps. The uniqueness of this place is that faith of two different religions converges here. For Jain Dharma devotees it is second only to Shikharji, the most holy of their shrines situated in Rajasthan and for Hindu devotees it is the Moksha Dwar. The Hindu Puranas state that last rites of Lord Krishna were performed here by his elder brother Balram. The temples of Mangi Tungi are visited in lakhs by devotes from all over the world.

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